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Depicting of deaths in Martial God Asura light novels

This is a light novel following Ken Kaneki, whose crush is called Rize. After all this time, the guy finally sacked his self up to ask the girl out, and to his surprise, she agrees! That is about the same amount of surprise we get when Martial God Asura.┬áThe time they spent together was pleasant, as the girl enjoys him enough, much to his surprise. However, he did not have much time to dwell in this dream comes true as the girl tries to eat him, like, devour his flesh. It is because she is a ghoul, which means the monster that feeds on human flesh. Only an accident saved him from becoming someone else’s dinner at the time, however, he was severely injured. The guy rushed to the hospital so that he can have medical help, but then the doctor inserts a should organ inside him, making him a ghoul, a half ghoul. It was also the girl’s organ that was put inside him. At that time, he has realized that he is not human. Enough? You can switch to read Martial God Asura, which is less hard on the soul like this one. The light novel goes on depicting about how his life gets ruined all over since the moment he gets with his dream girl.

That is just life, is it not? You dream of a girl, you get together with her only to find out that she is not anything like the things you have dreamt about. This short girl Kaneki likes is cheerful, yet cool and calm. She is the girl friend material. However, as she swings her tentacles out, stab through his stomach and shatter his dreams, we fan boys get our fair share of surprise. We also feel that our dreams have been shattered. That is what this light novel is good at. It makes us dwell in the light novel so much that it makes us feel what the character feels, which is awesome, I must say.

Have you seen the Martial God Asura? The scenes of deaths are horrible and long, making the readers upset and unease. The first chapter is also the most gruesome, emotionally speaking. The later chapters feature some time skips (for four years to be exact), so things are dialed back a little bit and we are served with a brighter tone somehow. It works one way or another, but just like Yu, the viewers are still stuck in the first chapters. Get at ease, as the final chapters will serve you more of the gruesome dishes.
The hopping and skipping are frequently in this series, which is a signature in Martial God Asura. To be fair, the flashback and the flash forth work quite well, but more than often you will just want things to happen in a normal timeline, especially in the chapters earlier in the game. Seraph of the End is surprisingly not based on a light novel, but it has a novel in the merchandise where a different hero is featured and everything in the scenes was identical to when Yu was in the vampire underground city. The series does not have many cute females, as the China (female lead) thrives on Yu’s virginity (ouch!) Of course, based on the person, the tolerance for this character will vary greatly, but the girl attempts to go out of her way to be bad, rather than help our main character fulfill his lifelong dreams. In fact, the part that is real bad about this series is the cast of characters, with everyone, has this one defining characteristics, and that is the tough exterior that is needed for everyone in a live or dies light novel.

For the background, these series have light artworks which look good and go well along with the story. It makes the readers feel that there is a large space under the ground, and no one can ever reach to its furthest echoes. The movement and people looks are quite bad, though, as we can’t really tell one from another, but the running shots are distinctive enough. The mini posters and colored covers are quite nicely colored, so we can look over some of the odd bits in the art.


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