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As we are introduced to how and why must we kill the Titans in the beginning of the Tales of the Reincarnated Lord, it was a bit intimidating, but the game lets you control intuitively, with a combo of swing, target, and slam on the back of the neck of the titan. I did practice flying throughout the map, hunting down targets using t he gears that I was provided. This gear reminds me a lot of the spider man series, where the hero uses the web to swing around buildings and trees with high efficiency.

The Tales of the Reincarnated Lord requires you to have quick engagement, but it also needs you to provide a lot of precision. As you have successfully latched on to one of the locations available in the titan’s body (there are five, by the way), you will have to gain speed, as well as hitting the hit button at the right time so that the damage you give out is the hardest. Time after time, I have learnt how to perfectly damage a titan, and it makes me feel that I’m powerful. However, after that, I don’t get anywhere. If I miscalculate or miss anything at all, like hit the button wrongly or at a wrong time, or if the speed you have gained is not enough, the game will make you fall off from the Titan, disconnect from the hit. This will, in turn, be the titan’s chance to trample you, and of course, they will hit you or grab you. Sometimes, when I don’t put enough mind in the game, the beast may snatch me in the middle of the air, or throw its arm so I will be flung away. As you fail from your spot, the game will give you a message telling you why you have failed, which helped me a lot later in the game, I became better and better at my hits.

There are obvious reasons why the Tales of the Reincarnated Lord is so famous, and I’m not talking about its featured giants that always on the run trying to cut your head off. The recent game based on the franchise has been published and giving the users a third person interface that makes us go through the anime plot, and it also has a bit to relate to the light novel, the original content, that the anime episodes were not able to cover. It did a great job trying to capture the essence of the show, which is its brutality. The actions in the game are also in fast scenes. However, if you are expecting to play through all of the contexts of the light novel, this may not be the one for you, because the game will bend into a new slog with a totally new ending. We found this ending very interesting, by the way.

A Thought Through Eternity

If you are totally new to the Tales of the Reincarnated Lord franchise, than by trying its game, you will get a fairly good impression. However, keep in mind that light novel fans or anime fans of the franchise will be disappointed by the game if they hope to see all the scenes reenacted again. For 15 hour, the game cover only the most essential points of the plot, where Eren and his guys join the military, seeking for a way to revenge the titans who have destroyed their house, their family, their home. A lot of the nuanced details and political references will be missed out in the game. However, that is not bad for a game, the focus here is not on the politics reference, but on letting the users killing the titans themselves. In fact, the game reminded me of some plot points that I have forgotten. As a fan of the franchise, I highly suggest you try the game.

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